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How to create Free Professional email address with your own domain using Zoho Mail

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A couple days ago, i've made a video tutorial on how to setup and create professional email address with your own domain name using Google Apps for Work. For a large company, surely there is no dilema with budget if using Google apps for Work. But, what if you are "new kids on the block" or newly established startup? That still depends on investor funding and only hired a few people? Or you are a personal who wants to use professional email address. If you are concerned about budget, and still want to look professional. Keep on eye on this article. This article shows you how to create and set up professional email address with your own domain name for free using Zoho Mail services.

Zoho mail has a free lite plan of email hosting. You can host one domain for your email address. Because it's free, you can only create maximum 10 user accounts. On the other hands, it will give you some interesting features like: 5GB email storage per user, 1GB office storage, online office and calendar. If you want more upgrade to standard or premium plan. Ok, let's get started.

Before start. make sure you already have purchased your own domain address. The email hosting is free, the domain is not. First, you can sign up on www.zoho.com, click the email & Collaboration icon. After that choose the "free" plan.
Zoho mail sign-up

Then you can add your domain. The next step is fill the registration form.
Host domain on zoho mail
Zoho mail sign-up
proceed to verify domain ownership

If the registration success, you will have to verify your domain. Click the "proceed to verify domain ownership". there are several methods to verify your domain ownership. But, i'd like to use the TXT record method. You need add the TXT record to your Domain Name System (DNS). So please login to your domain provider/registrar to open the DNS setting. Once TXT record has been added, click verify.
Verify domain using TXT record
The TXT record has been added to DNS

Because we are focusing on email account. You can skip another setting. And now we are going to add zoho mail's MX Records to your DNS. Be advised, before change the MX records, make sure you have deleted the existing MX records on your DNS.
Change MX Records
The MX records has been changed/added

Ok, we are almost done. The next step is you will need to wait the MX record to be changed in the server. Usually it will takes several hours or less. After that, your professional email account are 100% activated and ready to send or receive emails. You can login your email account at www.mail.zoho.com. While you waiting, you can explore the admin's control panel. And this is the zoho mail's control panel looks like. 

You can add another user or email account for your employee and teammate up to 10 users. Go to the User details then click add user.
Add new user

you can also watch my video about this tutorial below:

Ok that's all guys. Now you can make your own professional email address with your own domain name for free using zoho email hosting. Not the best, but at least your email address look professional. You can also subscribes the paid plans (standard, premium) for better features.

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